General tags

These tags can be applied to any page type.

Add introduction excerpt

Add the tag add_intro_excerpt to insert the page SEO excerpt as an introduction to the page. This will only work if the page has an SEO excerpt (found in the Settings>SEO tab for a page).

Add introductory link

Add the tag add_intro_link:[link destination url] to insert a 'Find out more' link under the page introduction, or under the page title if there is no ‘add_intro_excerpt’ tag.

Note: Replace the section bracketed section in the tag with the url you want to link to e.g.

Add introductory supporter nav buttons

Add the tag add_main_buttons to insert the supporter nav buttons in the introductory section of the page beneath the header or excerpt/intro link if present. This will only work if the site has supporter nav links present. 

Hide the breadcrumb

If you want to hide the breadcrumb on a page you can add the tag 'hide_breadcrumb'.

Update the secondary navigation (burger menu)

You can add, edit and remove links from the secondary menu by going to the 'Secondary Nav' page and editing the links that appear in the list on the content area of the page. The secondary navigation is the menu that appears when you click the menu link. 

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