Campaign page logos

The following tutorials will walk you through how to prepare and add an additional logo to a campaign page.

Removing a campaign logo background

It may be that you can get hold of a version of your required campaign logo that has no background already. That image will probably be in .png form. However, if you only have access to a logo with a background you can remove it using the following method. 

Cropping a campaign logo to size

The second stage in preparing your campaign logo, after removing the background, is to crop the canvas to fit the logo dimensions perfectly. 

Colouring the campaign logo for a dark background

By this point we should have removed the background from our campaign logo and resized it to the correct dimensions. The next stage is to recolour it to suit the dark background of our theme.

Rename and uploading a campaign logo file

For a campaign logo to appear on a campaign page you need to do three things:

  • Rename the logo file to include the words 'campaign_logo' (e.g. if the file is currently called supporter_organisation.png change it to something like supporter_organisation_campaign_logo.png).
  • upload the logo to the 'Files' section of your campaign page.
  • Add the tag 'campaign' to your campaign page.

With these three steps followed the logo should appear in the top left of the page, next to the IAPB logo. 

Love your eyes logo example

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