How Campaigning Makes a Difference

Posting on social media or hosting a World Sight Day event can sometimes feel like a small, isolated action. But it can have a big impact in the fight for accessible, available and affordable eye care for everyone by 2030. 

Campaigns, like Love Your Eyes demonstrate public support for an issue. They put pressure on our decision makers and leaders to act. When millions of voices demand change, it becomes hard to ignore. 

When you like an IAPB social media post, share one of our blogs or videos with your networks, or join our mailing lists to learn more about our campaign activities, you make a difference because every voice counts. 

We need to say it loudly and repeatedly that eye care is not for a select few, but for all. Your actions, plus ours, our membership networks and global partners equal a powerful united message that sparks world's leaders to take notice and importantly – take action. 

You help us create a compelling, rational and emotional case for new policies that lead to universal eye health.

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