Together, we are creating a world where every child has eye health that is accessible, available and affordable.

Starting with a groundswell of young people who are inspired to make their vision a priority. A generation of children who have all the information they need to protect their eyes and, crucially, take the steps needed to look after their vision – from reducing screen time and placing importance on being outside through to seeking help for any ailments and discomfort.

We campaign to ensure that children not only understand the importance of caring for their eye health but are also free from the weight of any social stigma associated with wearing glasses and other corrective treatments.

Through these efforts, governments and those of influence are listening like never before - recognising that early intervention and regular eye health is critical to unlocking education opportunities and future economic potential.

Join us and millions of children globally in making the case loudly and repeatedly that eye health in young people is not an optional extra. It is vital to everything.

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